How to Bulk Import from Category Page?

Bulk Import from Category Page - Step-by-Step Guide:

* Go to your preferred online store, such as Shein, and navigate to a specific category page (e.g., "Women Apparel").
* Copy the link of the category page.
* Go to the "Import from Category Page" section in our application.
* Paste the copied category page link into the corresponding space.
* Click the "Import" button.
* A new window will open, displaying products from the category.
* Select the checkboxes next to the products you want to import. 
* After making your selections, click the "Import Products" button.
* The chosen products will be imported and added to your store, enhancing your inventory with a selection from the chosen category.



* For bulk import via Chrome Extension you need to look for the ShionImporter icon on the category page of the store, click to it and then do the same steps as mentioned above.