Do we offer a free trial?

          ShionImporter gives you the opportunity to create your own Dropshipping business. ShionnImporter helps you to manage your Dropshipping business faster and easier. Our clients can build their own businesses just with one click. So we suggest a free plan as well. You can download our app and subscribe for a free trial and use it with limited opportunities.

            According to the first plan - 0 $: Free plan with basic features, our clients have an opportunity to import only 20 products and to formulate a quantity of products. There is not an opportunity to use other features and monitor a product in the first plan.

          According to the second plan, in spite of many features, there are only 3 days for trial. The Basic plan gives you the opportunity to import 100 products, at the same time our clients have an opportunity to monitor 10 products. There are some advantages as well such as: filling SKU for every variant, formulate prices, quantities, and images for each variant. There is only one limit that you can not change the option's names. All these features you can use for trial for only 3 days, and after 3 days trial, if you won't cancel, the money will charge for a month.